The Challenge of All Challenges

So you want a real challenge?  This is about you being the Rocky the Iron Man, the Long distance marathon runner.  It takes 5/10 minutes per day 5 days a week. However this is 365 days.  In the end we give more than just a badge.    

365 Fitness Challenge

ONE Week Challenge


This is a 5 day Beginner challenge. Register for this simple 5 day workout to get you moving and earn your BADGE.


One Month Challenge


YOU are on your way and want to continue.  Great merits are earned when workout is logged. DO NOT CHEAT yourself now. Keep going.

 5 more to earn.

90 Day Challenge


Imagine how well you will feel if you registered now. Keep going. This 3 Month challenge will be 5-7 minutes a day and earn your 90 day Merit badge. 365 day challenge.

180 Day Challenge


We do things in life that push us. This is 5 - 7 minutes that you can do for 6 days a week, just like making coffee.  

9 Month Challenge


YOU are so close to completing this milestone. You have logged your daily workout and are so close to a personal win. Keep going onto 365 Final.

365 Day Challenge


This is about you owning your life back. This is 5-10 minutes of a simple training routine 6 days a week to earn a 


You have joined the 365'ers. 

An Elite Team.