Fit DADS 16 Week Course

Why We Do What We Do

As a Dad, you lead a busy life raising a family, working on your career and taking the kids to all their events.  Commitments can be high and time can be scarce to take care of yourself!  Here's the rub.  If you DON'T take care of yourself, your cup is empty and you can't take care of anyone else!  Being depleted and BURNED OUT is a reality for many people these days.  You don't have to be in that majority.  We know that filling up your own cup and taking care of your own well-being has a positive impact on your partner, your children, your friends and family and your community.

We have the knowledge, experience and tools to get you on the right path.

How We Do What We do

We have a one on one call with you once you have requested our package.  If this fits for you and you are ready to take the next step, just book a time with us.


We choose Isagenix as our only provider of Nutrition for many reasons.  This was a 3 year evaluation with our team and our clients.  We have incorporated the products into our OWN personal life and know this is a non compromise product.


We have a discovery meeting with you to understand your current state. Then we meet as a team to design a tailored training program for you that includes Isagenix and is delivered to your phone daily.  

We Believe in You

This is your journey and we know what it takes to be a busy dad.  Our trainers have been one of those dads.  We also want 100% success and this means we will give 100% money back guarantee after 30 days.  If this does not yield results based on our guidance and your commitment along with Isagenix products, your training fee will be returned.

One Life...That is all what we HAVE

You have one life and one body.  Where will you live when it is broken?  Believe in yourself and show your children.  They believe in you. 

Dad Needed a change

After two shoulder injuries, Justin found himself in a challenging place of low energy and little motivation to help his recovery.  Properly fuelling his body with maximum amounts of nutrients helped his body to heal.  He regained his former sense of self and back to the best Dad he could be.