This is a 16 week course dedicated to your Fitness and Healthy transformation. 

Why 16 weeks?

We know that it will take 16 Weeks to make the change.  We have a complete team to ensure your success.  The only thing holding you back is you.


We use a state of the art Online Training App that will deliver the 16 week program customized to your current state.  This is all discovered with our initial Skype or Zoom Call.  Your nutritional program is delivered to your cell phone daily.


We work 100% with Isagenix to fuel your training and transform your health.  You are at a current level of health now and our team will evaluate your current state and provide you with a complete 16 week transformation program for optimization.

Primetime Men and Accountability

We have a number of tools that will keep your trainer updated daily on your nutrition and your workouts.  All notes will be reviewed by your coach and our team to ensure that the results are WHAT you are expecting. 


We have daily support and weekly call times with you. You have hired us for your results and that is what we deliver.

Why PRIMETIME Men - Jim King Story

You're never too old to get your health back. Our team is dedicated to you feeling better at any age in your life. Dedicated to primetime men & seniors.