60 is the new 50.  50 is the new 40 and it’s a wonderful thing!!

Many women want to make their Prime Time, Third Act, Wise years more fun, fulfilling, active and productive in new ways!  

Our rhythm is different, our BODIES are different, our mindset, goals and desires are different than what our mothers did before us.

It’s time to bust the stereotypes of the past and change the face of aging into something exciting and to be anticipated with the joy that it can provide. 

If that’s YOUR plan, then join us!

Our program is 16 weeks of fitness, community and most importantly locking down your nutrition.  You will follow an initial structured plan to reset your metabolism with the best of nutritional science from an Isagenix System.  This opens the gateway to intuitive eating!   No more cravings!  Fuelling your body with what is needs most:  Great nutrition and movement to suit your body.  Curious??  Contact us today!


A 30 day Nutritional Cleanse starts your nutritional reset.  Looking after your internal system is the most effective way to reset your metabolism.  Can you imaging driving a 50 year old car that has never had an oil and filter changed??  This is what nutritional cleansing does.  3 months of a follow-up wellness plan will complete your transformation time of 16 weeks.  Meal prep ideas and recipes will be provided as well as Mindset reframing to have the healthy relationship with food that will last you a lifetime.  Optional support programs such as Healthy Mind and Body is available to fully integrate new and healthy lifestyle habits.


We know great transformations require time, dedication and commitment, from you and from us!  You will complete a fitness/activity questionnaire and we will deliver to your mobile device your complete daily training routine. This is customized by your current state.  This training matches the Nutritional plan to also take you through 16 Weeks of 

gym or home workouts or activity that matches your lifestyle.

In collaboration with your trainer, you will have weekly calls and daily accountability by logging your daily routine.  This accountability is pinnacle in creating new lifestyle habits. 

Success Guarantee

Not happy in 30 days!  No problem.  We will refund your investment.

Your success is our success.  Our team of experienced trainers and coaches will be your guide on this journey.  16 Weeks to a better you TODAY.

What we do!

Training is just one part of your transformation. 80% is how we fuel the body.  Our program is training by primetime coaches.