PRISE is a 16 week program that is a complete Nutritional and Exercise program.  It is P-Protein Pacing, R-Resistance Training, I-Interval Training, S-Stretching and E-Endurance.

Protein Pacing

In the program we design with the apps, we recommend to protein pace your Nutrition throughout the day.

Resistance Training

We use our app to deliver this custom workout to your mobile device that can be home based or gym based.

Interval Training

With the app, we have our Spartan workout designed for High Intensity Interval Training that guides you through the workout with timing and rest.  Just follow the workout on your mobile device.


With your weekly workouts one of the routines is stretching .  We can design for your mobile device or we encourage a yoga class for example.


Great way to finish your weekly workout.  This is a 60 minute low impact routine that your assigned trainer designed based on types of 60 minute endurance you may like or wish to try.

Dr. Paul Arciero

Dr. Paul Arciero presents cutting edge information on exercise, fitness, peak performance and the importance of nutrition for optimal health. Our team has incorporated this complete program delivered to you and customized for you.